Dommerich Elementary

Dear Dommerich Families,

I’m excited to serve as your PTA President in the 2016-17 school year.  We have an exciting year to look forward to at Dommerich Elementary. It is with your support and participation that we are able to help provide our teachers and school the support and resources they need to help our students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

There are various ways to contribute to the PTA, and I’m committed to helping you find ways to be involved that accommodate your time and provide you with joy and purpose. It is important we all enjoy this time in our children’s lives without feeling burdened by extra work.

It takes a village to raise and educate children, and our PTA tribe is truly a community partnership between teachers, school administrators, local businesses and school families.  What we are able to accomplish together speaks volumes to the involvement and commitment of our family and community partnerships.

My goal for the 2016-17 school year is to streamline and simplify roles and responsibilities so unnecessary work is not created and precious time is not wasted.  I also want EVERY Dommerich family to feel welcome, involved and included in our PTA functions and decision-making process. Let’s band together as a PTA community so we can do what we do best – help grow and nurture wonderful “little” people so they have an equal opportunity to grow into wonderful “big” people.

Thank you for supporting the PTA, our teachers, and most importantly thank you for helping create a memorable school experience for our children.  Years from now we will fondly look back at the memories and experiences we’ve shared with our little ones. We will feel grateful for participating in these special moments and in fostering the friendships made during their elementary years.

I look forward to hearing from each one of you and helping you find your niche in the PTA.


Elise Breth
PTA President 2016-17