Dommerich Elementary PTA Committees and Boards

Dommerich Elementary

We have an exciting year to look forward to at Dommerich Elementary. It is with your support and participation that we are able to help provide our teachers and school the support and resources they need to help our students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Thank you very much for all of our volunteers!

PTA Executive Committee

  • President: Erin Baker
  • Vice-President: Megan Cooper
  • Past-President: Mandy Manly
  • Corresponding Secretary: Sara Chule
  • Recording Secretary: Tina Larue
  • Treasurer: Erica Bates
  • Membership: Jessica Meyer

 PTA Committees

Academic Programs

  • Co-Chairs: Amy Orseno & Kendra Simasek
  • Description: Coordinates academic family fun nights, including Science Night and Art Night. This year Academic Programs will be hosting Astronomy Night and a Night at the Museum


  • Co-Chairs: Melissa Hayman (PTA Coordinator), Kelly Wilhite (School Coordinator)
  • Description: Facilitate the coordination of volunteer needs within the Dommerich community. Serve as a liaison between OCPS Community Resources and Dommerich school volunteers by assisting in the process of approving school volunteer applications and field trip chaperone applications. Attend OCPS ADDitions Coordinator training session, present faculty orientation during pre-planning faculty meeting, host volunteer orientation and volunteer appreciation week.

Backyard Bash:

  • Chair: Kristen Hash
  • Description: Spring Social Event. Secure event vendors for food and entertainment on our school field. Sell tickets if necessary.

Big Chiefs’ Night Out:

  • Chair: Liz Klann
  • Description: Manage silent auction fundraiser. Secure donations of goods and services, package into baskets, manage auction bidding, payments and deliveries, and thank all donors.  Host the PTA’s only adult party of the year.

Birthday Book Club:

  • Chair: Erinn Brown
  • Description: Recruit new members from student birthday list and coordinate donations, book selections, and WDES appearance with school media specialist to enhance library throughout the year. Committee includes the media specialist.

Book Fair:

  • Chair:
  • Description: Schedule, coordinate, and staff Book Fair week with Scholastic Books and media specialist. Promote week-long events, organize Grandparents Breakfast and Family Night. Committee members must be available on premises all week of the sale.

Box Tops for Education:

  • Co-Chairs: Tina Larue & Ashley Fraxedas
  • Description: Promote the Box Tops for Education program. Collect box tops from teachers each month, September through April. Count, package and submit Box Tops to General Mills for rebate money.
  • Program Details

Chiefs Academy:

  • Chair: April Solley
  • Description: Coordinates a six-week afternoon session each semester in which students, parents, and teachers can be involved in extra-curricular activities.

Chiefs on the Run 5k / 1 Mile Dash:

  • Co-Chairs: Colleen Allen & Heather Van Slyke
  • Description: Plan, promote and execute annual 5K and 1-mile runs in Dommerich neighborhood as a community-building event. Secure sponsors and donors, order t-shirts, recruit volunteers, enroll runners and walkers, determine award winners, and manage on-site event with school staff and residents.

Community Garden:

  • Co-Chairs: Kristin Osorio & Kristin Nunez
  • Description: Work closely with School Employee Garden Committee Members, Lisa Rotenberger and Jason LeFebvre, to order and deliver all plants, seeds, and garden equipment needed throughout the school year. Help organize and manage the school’s composting program and schedule volunteers to assist in the lunchroom. Additionally committee members work in the garden as needed with planting, watering, weeding, fertilizing, and taking care of the compost bins. The committee also organizes volunteers to assist teachers with classroom gardening and implements educational gardening activities for the students and families.

Fall Fundraiser:

  • Co-Chairs: Ashley Cooper & Erica Bates
  • Description:
  • Our BIG Fall Fundraiser! This committee will execute Dommerich’s Fundraiser and will be involved with and oversee the following areas:
    • Determine fundraiser theme
    • Marketing & Advertising (brochures, posters & banners)
    • Logo Design
    • Website/Database Management – upload student/teacher information and print reports
    • Prizes – choose items based on possible fundraiser levels and distribution
    • Culminating Event – host event for entire student body to celebrate the Fundraiser’s success
    • Open House video & Commercials – script writing and videotaping and/or morning appearances on WDES to report about CHIEF characteristics and status of the fundraiser
    • Collect donations – must have executive committee commitment
    • Finances – input daily collections, print reports and establish PayPal account

Fifth Grade Party:

  • Co-Chairs: Hope McDavid & Stacy Wilde
  • Description: Plan, organize, and execute the fifth grade year-end party including food, decorations and entertainment. Create, prepare, and distribute fifth grade memory book and slide show including collection, shooting and organization of photographs for both projects. Create 5 minute video to reveal a unique “theme” to the students. Recruit volunteers as needed. A fourth grade parent serves on this committee in preparation for leading the committee the following year.

Fun Day / P.E. Support:

  • Co-Chairs: Natalie Lee & Sarah Grafton
  • Description: Organize and facilitate school-wide spring Fun Day with P.E. Department. Involves recruiting and organizing volunteers to run events. Help P.E. faculty plan and execute any additional field programs (i.e. Jump Rope for Heart).

Green Team:

  • Chair: LeFebvre
  • Description: Engage students to participate in recycling, composting and overall good citizens of the Earth.

Harvest Hoedown:

  • Chair: Jennifer Clark
  • Description: Plan and organize the community fall festival. Secure all vendors for tables, tents, food, and games, coordinate volunteer needs, coordinate booth responsibilities with room representatives, promote to community and school, sell tickets, collect monies, and set up and clean up for event.

Kind Club:

  • Chair:Jessica Fratrik
  • Description: Engage students grades K-5 in activities and education that will promote kindness and anti-bullying.


  • Chair: Kristin Osorio
  • Description: Recruit annual PTA memberships through various means (including, but not limited to: “stuff the folder” form, posters, information tables at Meet the Teacher and Open House, etc.). Keep records of members, issue membership cards, and complete appropriate membership awards applications.


  • Chair: Melanie Neilson
  • Description: Responsible for overseeing the design, order, sales and distribution of all new DES merchandise and school spirit wear.

Outreach- DES Community:

  • Chair: Ashley Dedekind
  • Description: Organize and promote community service events, drives, projects that reach and service the needs of families and teachers within our school. Works with the school CHILL Counselor, school nurse and other staff to identify students and/or families in need.

Outreach- Hungerford:

  • Chair: Hope McDavid
  • Description: Organize and promote community service events, drives, projects that reach and service the needs of families within our neighboring school, Hungerford Elementary.

Partners in Education (PIE):

PTA Newsletter:

  • Chair: Kiki Fissell
  • Description: Responsible for creating and distributing a weekly bulletin that is emailed to all PTA members. This newsletter contains important school and PTA information that helps keep our membership up-to-date on all the wonderful activities, events and programs taking place at Dommerich Elementary.

Room Representatives:

  • Chair: Megan Cooper
  • Description: Appoint, organize, and coordinate classroom representatives and a grade-level chairperson per grade to assist classroom teachers with educational activities and parties. Oversee representatives’ activities; meet with grade chairs and teacher grade chairs to plan grade-wide class parties.

Running Tribe:

  • Chair: Massie Wanzenberg
  • Description: The Running Tribe Committee helps organize and run Dommerich’s running club, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday for thirty minutes before school. The program encourages students to get moving and live healthy by rewarding students with prizes for distances run throughout the year. Roles for parent volunteers can include attending the morning program, ordering prizes from vendors and logging laps into the Stridetrack lap-recording system.

School Supplies:

  • Chair: Mandy Manly
  • Description: Coordinate teacher-requested school supply lists for each grade with vendor to provide pre-packaged school supplies for pre-sale or purchase at “Meet the Teacher.” Facilitate distribution of packages.

Skating Party Committee:

  • Chair: Sarah Chule
  • Description: Schedule, promote, and attend skating parties. Collect money and distribute tickets at the door. Award monthly prizes for skate night attendance.

Social Media Liaison:

  • Chair: Erin Weber
  • Description: Update the Dommerich PTA Facebook page with information relevant to the school, including PTA and school-wide events. Also responsible for answering questions posed through Facebook. Work with the school technology facilitator if needed.

Staff Luncheons:

  • Co-Chairs: Hope McDavid & Kristen Hash
  • Description: Plan, prepare, and serve meals to the entire Dommerich staff on a monthly basis. Secure family volunteers for food donations. Organize and serve holiday breakfast for the staff at Hungerford Elementary during December.


  • Chair: Kendra Adamo
  • Description: Oversees and manages all functions of the school tours, including coordinating of tours with the public and front office, as well as material to be covered on tours with school administration. Perform tours weekly.

Walk N’ Roll:

  • Chair: Liz McGlamery
  • Description: This committee is responsible for helping organize, plan and promote the Walk N’ Roll program at Dommerich Elementary. Walk N’ Roll is designed to help ease traffic and congestion, air pollution, save money on gas and promote physical activity for students and parents as daily habit. This program also focuses on bike safety. The Walk Safe and Bike Safe curriculum is taught by Coach LeBeouf during PE classes. Responsibilities of the committee members is to help promote Walk N’ Roll each month (signs, banners, Facebook posts, emails) and to be at each monthly Walk N’ Roll to count students and distribute participation prizes 8:10-8:45am on designated Walk N’ Roll days. The committee will also help with the 5th grade after school bike ride in the spring. This committee is well suited for volunteers with morning flexibility each month on each designated Walk N’ Roll day, and volunteers will likely spend 2-3 hours a month assisting with the responsibilities listed above.

Website Liaison:

  • Chair: Simon Yohe
  • Description: Oversees and manages all functions of the PTA website and responsible for updating content and monitoring website security.

Welcome & Hospitality:

  • Co-Chairs: Sara Glomski & Megan Cooper
  • Description: Designed to be the informational link between PTA and new families to the Dommerich community, welcoming and familiarizing them with our school. Plan, promote, and execute the New Families Reception at Open House. Organize the Maitland Public Schools Open House for Dommerich. Provide snacks and refreshments for various functions including, but not limited to, Tears and Cheers! Breakfast, kindergarten registration and Popsicles on the Playground. Committee includes Kindergarten Liaison.


  • Chair:
  • Description: Oversees and manages all functions of the PTA Yearbook, including organizing pictures from Room Reps, parents and teachers to assure all students are represented, sales, and layout/production of the Yearbook.

Interested in joining a committee or board?

As a PTA, we welcome and encourage family & community support. Check out the committee descriptions and volunteer. If you have any questions or are interested in joining the PTA, please contact Mandy Manly or fill out the form below.