2018 Fall Fundraiser FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the money raised be used for?

The Dommerich PTA’s mission is to promote the welfare of its students in their home, school and community, while supporting Dommerich Elementary School.

The funds raised by the Fall Fundraiser will help to fund the PTA’s Programs & Initiatives for the 2018/2019 school year.

How much of the funds raised will stay at Dommerich?

100% of the funds raised will get to stay at Dommerich!

How do I participate in this fundraiser?

  1. Decide the way you want to fundraise.
  2. Collect as you go, using the collection envelope.
  3. Submit the collection envelopes to your classroom teacher daily (Replacement envelopes will be sent home each afternoon).

Who should checks be made out to?

Please make all checks payable to Dommerich Elementary PTA.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Dommerich PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 23-7102605. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by the law.

Why am I turning in the collection envelope every day instead of at the end of the fundraiser?

We want our Dommerich Chiefs to show Effort and practice Fellowship all the time. By turning in the collection envelopes we are able to see our progress in working together! Most importantly, collecting funds as we go along give us the chance to celebrate in the success of our Chiefs on every day of the fundraiser!

Can I make a donation using my credit card?

Yes! All credit card donations will be transacted via PayPal and online donations can be made through the Dommerich PTA website.

Is my online credit card donation and payment secure?

Yes! We have teamed up with PayPal to provide secure payment transactions through our website. No payment information is saved at the end of your transaction, to ensure your payment information remains confidential.

What information do our friends & family need to know in order to make a donation online?

Donors will need to know the first and last name of the Dommerich Chief that they are donating in honor of, as well as that Chief’s teacher.  You will have an option to type in the student’s name when making a donation.

Can I turn money in after the final turn-in deadline?

Of course! We are grateful for any and all donations, so please continue to turn money in after the final deadline. However, please note that we will not be able to count those monies turned in after the final deadline towards individual or class prize levels reached.

How are the “Top Three” individual prizes awarded?

Prizes will be awarded for the top three fundraisers for all of Dommerich as well as for the top fundraiser for each grade. The prizes are as follows:

Top 3 Fundraisers for Dommerich

  • 1st place – Two tickets to Walt Disney World
  • 2nd place – Two tickets to Universal Studios
  • 3rd place – Two tickets to Sea World

Top fundraiser in each grade

Each top grade level earner will pick out of a hat, live on WDES News, for the following:

  • Two Passes to Fun Spot
  • Two Passes to Planet Obstacle
  • Two Passes to Urban Ninja Athletics
  • Two Passes to Orlando Science Center
  • Two Passes to Aigulle Rock Climb Center
  • Two Passes to Andretti Indoor Karting

Are the class prizes cumulative, and what are they?

Yes! That means means if your class raises over $3,500, your class will get to enjoy the following:

  • $750 – Popsicles in the Garden
  • $1,500 – Pizza Party in the Classroom
  • $2,000 – Classroom Game Time with Donuts
  • $2,500 – Echo Show for the classroom
  • $3,500 – Class takes over WDES Morning News

How and when are prizes distributed?

All prizes will be celebrated and distributed AFTER the fundraiser is complete. Prizes will not be awarded as the level is reached. Prizes awarded will be based on the actual amount of funds turned in and accounted for, by the final deadline date.

What if I earn an individual prize or my class earns a classroom prize and I am unable to attend for some reason?

We encourage all Chiefs who have earned these prize levels to make every attempt to attend, as these are one-time celebrations. We are unable to reschedule based on individual schedule conflicts. We can assure you however, that we have taken other school activities into account when scheduling these items, with the goal of 100% attendance.

What if a prize I receive is not working?

We hope that’s not that case. In an effort to prevent this from happening, we have tested every prize upon delivery and have made every attempt to make sure your prize is in good working condition upon receipt. Unfortunately we are unable to replace or exchange prizes.